Collabor8te aims to build filmmaking teams by giving opportunities to new talent while encouraging them to learn from more experienced professionals. This might include new writers learning from seasoned directors, or fresh acting talent captured by renowned directors of photography. In doing so we hope to nurture homegrown talent and help them to establish themselves internationally.

Films commissioned in 2013 were completed in 2014 and are now on the film festival circuit.


Founded in 2011, Rankin Film Productions creates bespoke content for different platforms. In response to the changing way audiences view content, we have a variety of projects in development and production including narrative shorts, web-dramas, documentaries and feature films for theatrical release, television broadcast, and online distribution.

In its first year the company aimed to create opportunities for new talent, including recent graduates from the London Film School, while working alongside experienced filmmakers including Irvine Welsh and Tony Grisoni. In June 2011, RFP announced Collabor8te, one of the few opportunities for filmmakers from the UK and Ireland to get their short films funded.

Following RFP’s Collabor8te announcement and screening at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, we have hosted and participated in events at festivals including Rushes Soho Shorts, Raindance Film Festival, and the BFI London Film Festival.

While producing content for traditional broadcast, our unique relationships with DazedDigital and Hunger TV position us with two online distribution platforms for branded content and ensures that each film we produce has a life beyond its time on the international film festival circuit.


The Bureau

Established for over a decade, The Bureau has become one of the UK’s most distinctive production outfits. Over the past 10 years The Bureau has discovered and produced the work of talent such as Asif Kapadia (‘Senna’, ‘The Warrior’), Rachid Bouchareb (‘Days of Glory’, ‘London River’) Alexis Dos Santos (‘Unmade Beds’, ‘Glue’), Andrew Haigh (‘Weekend’). The Bureau has also been executive producer on the first films of Cannes winner Andrea Arnold (‘Red Road’, ‘Fishtank’) and Sundance winner Jens Jonsson (‘The King of Ping Pong’)

The Bureau has long championed the work of new talent, and subsequently founded the UK’s premier short film scheme Cinema Extreme with Film4 and the UK Film Council, in 2002. The more than 20 films made through Cinema Extreme went on to be programmed in the most prestigious international film festivals such as Sundance, Edinburgh, New York, London, Rotterdam, Berlin and some made it to the Oscar nomination.

In 2010 The Bureau went on to successfully launch the SOS (Save Our Scripts) development programme, as part of a continued commitment to work with the best emerging talent from across Europe; the next edition will be launched in 2013 and it’s currently being financed.

Collabor8te is a natural following of their mission to spot and nurture new talent and an innovative way to build a creative space where artists from different backgrounds can inspire each other and produce outstanding works.


Dazed & Confused

To its dedicated audience, Dazed Group is invaluable; the definitive global authority on fashion and culture across multiple media channels. Over the last 21 years, Dazed & Confused has become a trusted source of privileged information and is credited with inspiring trends just as often as identifying them.

Founded in 2006, Dazed Digital celebrates innovative and creative ideas through a mix of exclusive films, mixtapes, album previews, fashion shoots and informative interviews. Like Dazed & Confused, the site is focused on showcasing both young and established talent within fashion, music, art and photography. Working closely with the print edition and our worldwide net of contributors, Dazed Digital publishes a daily cultural snapshot from across the globe.