Nokia Film Competition

We are pleased to announce the winner of the Nokia Capture the Night Competition is Tim Hancock with his film ‘Four Legs Good’ a witty and romantic journey across London.

Tim will receive £8,000 to make a short film. Check back to see Tim’s film shot on a Nokia 925.

Capture The Night


What We Are Looking For - The Rules

We are looking for talent from the UK and Ireland to make a short film inspired by the theme ‘Capture the Night’, when the city darkens and people come alive.

All entries must be no longer than 90 seconds and no shorter than 60 seconds and can be shot on any format.

Once completed, please upload your short film to Youtube as a video response to the trailer above. Please follow the link to access the Youtube page

A selection of entries will be embedded on this site after the 1st July so we encourage all applicants to submit as early as possible.

The winner will be notified on Monday 19th August, after the deadline on Wednesday 31st July, 2013. They will receive £8,000 to make a film of up to 10 minutes long (subject to script approval) as well as the new Nokia 925 to shoot it on. The filmmaker will be guided by the experts from Collabor8te and supported by the social network of Nokia.

For any questions or enquiries please contact:

Further details on the Nokia Lumia 925 can be found here

Good Luck!