‘Consequences of the Kill’ dir. Oliver Goodrum

A tale of inner-city violence told through interweaving narratives on a council estate.

Director: Oliver Goodrum
Producer: Licia Conn
DOP: Justin Brown
Key Cast: Connor Brabyn, Stephen Powlett, Tyler Peters, Adam Cole, Krissy Mcilquham, William Forbes-Hamilton

C8: How did the collaboration with Casually Sunshine come about?

OG: This was actually our third video together. We meet a few years earlier through some mutual friends and started talking about working together.

C8: Did you build the narrative once you heard the song or was it the other way around?

OG: The narrative came from the song, although it took me a pretty long time to write it!

C8: It must be tricky to create a narrative that doesn’t overshadow the song but enhances it. How did you negotiate this?

OG: Well, the final video is a fairly reduced version of the narrative I wrote which was a happy accident. We shot a few other scripted things and failed to shoot a few things that left us in the position of either reshooting or changing/simplifying the story.

C8: Do you feel that the people depicted in the film are a fair representation of life on council estates today?

OG: It’s impossible to say really. I tried to depict a hiechary of a social group, which is something that I witnessed growing up.

C8: What did you shoot on and was there a specific reason for this choice?

OG: We shoot on 35mm because I had access to ten-year-old free stock left over from commercials and because cinematographer Justin [Brown] and I really wanted to shoot on 35mm.

C8: How did you work with Cinematographer Justin Brown to achieve your vision?

OG: This was our third or fourth collaboration together so we were starting to get in to the swing of things. It was very easy because we have exactly the same taste and he is brilliant and easy to work with.

C8: From start to finish how long did it take to shoot?

OG: We shot for three days in total. Two days on the Heygate Estate in Elephant and one day in a flat close by in Souhtwark.

C8: How has the film been received by the public and on the festival circuit?

OG: It was received really well online at various places like PromoNews, Directors Notes and Short of the Week. It got me signed to a production company, got in to a few festivals and won a Lovie award so I was pretty happy.

C8: Do you have any plans to make any more music promos in the future?

OG: I would love to make more videos. The two experiences I’ve had since ‘Consequences’ have lead to pretty compromised and disappointing films so I feel I still have something to prove.