North of Ping Pong ‘What Goes Up Must Come Down’ dir. Adam Smith

A Cockney rap-narrative revolving around the successive passengers of a world-weary taxi driver.

Director: Adam Smith
Producer: Rob Small
DOP: Robbie Ryan
Key Cast: Kathy Burke, Mark Monero

Presented in association with RSA

C8: How did the collaboration with North of Ping Pong come about?

AS: Charlie Creed Miles is an old friend who I had worked with before. He played me an early incarnation of this brilliant song he made with his band North of Ping Pong.

C8: Where did the idea for ‘What Goes Up Must Come Down’ come from?

AS: The idea came from the song and we added details that we thought were applicable.

C8: How did you go about casting the film? What were you looking for in your actors?

AS: Charlie and I had a rule that all the actors were ‘ex-Anna Schers’ which was a drama workshop we all used to go to when we were young. Charlie Creed Miles not only sang all the parts in the song he also played all three passengers in the minicab.

C8: What challenges were presented shooting in a car at night and how did you overcome them?

AS: Communication with actors on a low loader was a challenge but you get through it.

C8: What piece of advice would you give to emerging filmmakers?

AS: Keep making things. Fail. Fail again. Fail better or whatever that quote is!

C8: You’ve directed episodes of ‘Skins’, ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Little Dorrit’. What is the biggest difference between these projects and short films?

AS: Creative freedom and unique unity that you experience when everyone is working on a project for the love of it not the cash.

C8: What did you learn from short films that helped you later in your career?

AS: The importance of know what the story is.

C8: What was your background before getting into filmmaking?

AS: I did visuals for raves, clubs and bands called Vegetable Vision (A state of mind not a plate of food!)

C8: What do you think makes for a good collaboration?

AS: Enthusiasm, openness and listening to each other.

C8: What is next for Adam Smith? Any exciting projects?

AS: A film called ‘Trespass Against Us’ written by Alastair Sippons which is shooting in May 2014.