‘Two Laps’ dir. Owen Trevor (2011)

Two Friends. One Race. Two Laps. No Prisoners

DirectorOwen Trevor
WriterOwen Trevor
ProducerLucas Jenner
Key CastSue Honeybrook, Graham Rouse, Bill Young

Winner, Audience Award, 2011

Presented in association with Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival 2012

5 Questions for Owen Trevor

C8Where does Two Laps sit in your career and what had you done before?

OTIt was my 12th short film. I’ve directed about 20 music videos, 15 commercials a handful of other film and tv projects and 5 seasons of BBC’s Top Gear.

C8: It works well as a short sharp short, coupling an interesting scenario with an amusing punch line – was this always the intention?

OTIt started life as a sad drama about losing your best friend and then through the course of writing, transformed into a whimsical little comedy about friendship.

C8: You chose sumptuous black and white to shoot in – was that to evoke a feeling of times gone by?

OTActually, the opposite. I think that Black and White is often the most cinematic way to film something, whereas the majority of consumer cameras have captured our memories in colour. In the film we use these cameras and their variety of formats in colour to evoke the past - super8, VHS, DV, Medium Format Stills, 16mm etc.

C8: What’s your favourite short film and why should we watch it?

OTA short called “Two/Out” by Aussie legend Kriv Stenders had a profound influence on what I thought short films could be. Amazingly bold and interesting in its formal execution, and a pair of stunning performances.

Advertising occasionally produces some nice shorts - Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu made a stunning film for BMW called “Powder Keg” and Wong Kar Wai is about to release one for Chivas Regal that looks rather good.

C8: What’s next on the horizon for Owen Trevor?

OT: This month, a commercial campaign for Ford shooting in 7 countries and early next year, fingers crossed, my first feature, a thriller set up in Scotland - think The Shining meets Wicker Man.