‘Worship’ dir. Calum MacDiarmid (2011)

‘Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes’

Year: 2011
Country: UK
Director: Calum MacDiarmid
Writers: Calum Macdiarmid & James Hopkirk
Producer: Natalie Bennett
Key Cast: Fionn Macdiarmid, Georgina Toms, Mark Bonner

Winner, Newcomer Award, 2011

Presented in association with Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival 2012


5 Questions for Calum MacDiarmid

C8: Where does Worship sit in your career and what had you done before?

CM: Worship was my first film and the first time I made something that lasts longer than 60 secs. Before that I was doing commercials (signed to Great Guns), before that animation, and before that design. I actually began working life as an artist so my career has been in a constantly morphing through various shapes, weirdly I’m closer now to the artist I started out as.

C8: It is an aesthetically beautiful piece of work, can you tell us a bit about how you selected your DoP and Editor because they have both done a cracking job.

CM: The DOP was the incredibly talented Nick Bennett. We’d worked on some promos in the past and we had a great collaborative relationship, he often shows me techniques and lenses he wants to try out and I find myself taking these ideas into account when writing scripts.

The editor was the incredibly talented Nathan Perry-Green. I had originally intended to edit the film myself but when Nathan offered it was too good an opportunity to turn down as his showreel was brilliant. Working with him changed my process a lot. I’m a good editor, but I realised that there are some people out there who are next level. I also found it helpful to step away from the film a bit so that you can worry about the larger, more important, issues like storytelling without being concerned about technical issues.

C8: The form reflects the content wonderfully in Worship, did you have a clear idea  of how you wanted to represent dream?

CM: Yes half the reason I was so excited about the content was the opportunity to create such beautiful imagery. I remember the core thing I wanted to express was the emotion in dreams which is sometimes stronger than the actual image you remember. Powerfully emotive imagery and music were the key tools to achieve that.

C8: Can you tell us a little bit more about the book by Derry MacDiarmid that you used for inspiration?

CM: I remember him working for at least 10 years on the book. It covers the discoveries made about the unconscious mind over the 20th century and often uses his personal life to illustrate such discoveries. Later it combines philosophy with psychiatry to expand upon subjects like how to love without fear, and even the meaning of life.

Its due to be published by Karnac this September. Deep personal insight coupled with the meaning of life is yours to own for just £20.49 (!)

C8: What’s next on the horizon for you as a filmmaker?

CM: Generally I’m taking my work is moving into a more commercial place, this is not because I want to be Michael Bay but because the more of a following I have, the easier I’ll be able to get my more abstract, artistic projects funded. Film making is as much a business as an artform.

Next up I’ve got two new films I’m completing now and then another two more in that are in pre production. No rest for the wicked.