‘Xiong Di’ dir. Enric Ribes and Oriol Martínez

Xiong di means fellas in Chinese. Only the friendship, love and kickboxing can make you forget you’re living in a factory.

Directors: Enric Ribes and Oriol Martínez
DOP: Anna Franquesa Solano
Editor-Composer: Guillermo Irriguible

C8: You shot Xiong Di as part of Dazed’s Doc X series. How did this come about and did they have much input in the creative of the film?

ER&OM: We were shooting a TV documentary in China and we did this small piece. So months later, when finished the short film we contacted Dazed, without any aspiration, but we had very good luck and they selected it for their Doc X channel. In fact, this isn’t produced by Dazed but we are so grateful for everything they have done.

C8: Can you discuss how you co-direct a documentary and how you divide your roles up?

ER&OM: We usually work with a little crew. We discuss all the sequences and then we talk with the team before shooting. Generally, one of us is close to DOP and the other focuses on the production tasks and follows the stipulated planning. Even though, when you are shooting a documentary and it’s impossible to capture all things that happen during the day.

C8: How would you describe your visual style as storytellers?

ER&OM: We like to find curious stories that we call odd. For this reason we consider ourselves as odd storytellers. We try to develop the documentaries with respect and sensibility with the people we meet, usually creating a strong bond. Friendship and love stories are recurrent themes that we cover but we do try to find a fresh and attractive aesthetic, mixing typical documentary style (close ups with camera movement, etc.) and powerful and pictorial images.

C8: What is the essence of a good collaboration?

ER&OM: Friendship. In our case, we met long time ago, sometimes we joking that we are like a marriage, with a good and bad moments.

C8: What’s next for Enric Ribes and Oriol Martínez? Any exciting projects lined up?

ER&OM: We are creating a little production company to develop Häns (http://onlyhans.com/). It serves our personal projects but we also would to collaborate with international production companies to develop our documentary style in other formats as video clips, advertising, etc. We are young and it’s the moment to be ready and listen new goals.

More information on Enric Ribes and Oriol Martínez projects visit the filmmaker’s Vimeo page and production company website.