A Kindness

Writers: Giles Ripley & Jonny Ensall
Director: Giles Ripley
Producer: Allon Wechsler

Logline: Three lively lads take a road trip to Blackpool and hit something en route. But what did they hit?

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‘A Kindness’ Trailer

‘A Kindness’ Behind the Scenes


DD: Which was the hardest process throughout this film making experience?

As always, relinquishing control. This has been my most ambitious short yet, and its scale required me to invest a great deal of trust into the numerous departments that assisted its production. I’m a control freak, but you’ve got to focus on the things in front of you and let other people do their job. Fortunately in this case, everybody did!

DD: You have often commented about your process of first creating dialogue. Do you feel that character construction is the most important process in script writing?

I don’t think it’s any more important than structure, I just happen to find it easier. My co-writer, Jonny Ensall, and I tend to very quickly flesh out a loose structure in order to create some parameters.

Once that’s roughly in place, the fluidity with which we write our characters and their dialogue allows us to fill any structural gaps and refine the action more confidently. We keep talkative company, so we reflect on people saying a lot more funny stuff than they actually do.

DD: How did you capture character and dialogue in this short specifically?

It’s based on real people - that makes things a lot easier. None of this stuff actually happened, but it’s definitely the kind of shitty day I can imagine the real Luke, Ramo and Tommy having. Jonny and I grew up in Huddersfield, and there’s just something about the way people talk and behave up there that lives in a world of its own and prompts adaptation.

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