Serious Swimmers

Writer-Director: Andy Taylor Smith
Producer: Russell Noon & Mary Kearns

Logline: A supervised visit between estranged mother and son, Gail and Anthony, gives hope for reconciliation. However, can the water of the local swimming pool wash away their difficult past?

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Serious Swimmers: Trailer

Collabor8te Filmmaker Interview: Andy Taylor Smith


DD: When discussing Michael Faber’s short story, you said you could picture it in your head instantly. Did you stick with this original vision? Or did things change throughout different stages of production?

Film never ceases to amaze me how much of an exciting, organic, evolving process it is, I think it’s unlike any other art form because of this. Different stages of production bring with it new challenges, new constraints and new surprises and I think the trick is to respond, adapt and embrace these while still retaining the core themes of the project. Serious Swimmerswas no different in that respect I did have a very clear image of how I wanted the film to look during the writing process when your only limitation is your imagination. However, once you are in production other variables come into play such as budget, casting, location, equipment, performance and time; all of these have the potential to change the finished film, some are really exciting and others are frustrating but I wanted to embrace both as they are intrinsic aspects of filmmaking and it is these elements that make a finished film a unique experience.

DD: Was the shoot difficult due to the visceral, emotional content of the piece?

Yes it really was, I knew from the writing stage that I wanted the relationship between the characters to be truthful and honest so it was my job to create a space that the actors could react to both physically and emotionally as individuals and with each other, part of that was that Gail and Anthony’s relationship should subtly evolve with each other over the course of the film, this style of approach, while really satisfying is actually really difficult to put into practice on a short film where time and budget is incredibly limited. I think perseverance paid off though which shows in the incredible performances by all the key cast.

DD: You stated that you wanted to stay truthful to the core themes of the story. Do you think you achieved this?

Yes definitely, we kept hold of the key themes like a lifeline! We adapted certain scenes and moments, but the core themes are ever-present and vital to the story to convey the emotion of the situation.

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‘Serious Swimmers’ will begin shooting later in the month and to celebrate we’ve released the official poster for the film.