Writer-Director: Claire Oakley
Producer: Emily Morgan

Logline: When a father and son go stag hunting together, young Ed’s first kill affects him more than anticipated.

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‘Tracks’ Trailer

‘Tracks’ Behind the Scenes

Collabor8te Filmmaker Interview: Claire Oakley


DD: You said that when you made ‘Beautiful Enough‘, you were surprised by the ‘dark’ and ‘uncomfortable’ outcome of the film. Were you surprised by the outcome of Tracks at all?

It wasn’t so much that I was surprised by the outcome of Beautiful Enough, since I always intended it to be dark and uncomfortable, but I was surprised at how hard it was to watch with an audience - I felt responsible for making them feel like that, which was a burden that I wasn’t prepared for. I haven’t seen Tracks with an audience yet but it will be tough in parts, I just hope I’m better prepared for that responsibiltiy now!

DD: Was it different to how you imagined?

It isn’t as abstract as I had imagined and that is because I was given such sincere and convincing performances by Gordon Brown and John Bell. I believe that when cutting a film your job is not to impose upon it your ideas of what it was or could be, but to do all you can to maintain the spirit of the film itself, and this ‘spirit’ is something that comes into being on set, it is the result of the alchemy that occurs when the actors, director, crew, landscape and weather are brought together for those fugitive hours.

DD: Was making an adaptation of your own stage play a difficult or strange process?

Writing is always difficult! But adapting it wasn’t strange, the play always had this split identity for I had unwittingly always visualised it as a film. It was one of the first things I ever wrote and it was partly through the process of writing it that I realised I wanted to be a screenwriter, it was full of images and wasn’t written like most plays but more like a screenplay so it wasn’t that odd a process to adapt it, it was actually odder writing it as a stage play in the first place!

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BLOG - 02/09/13

Inspiration for ‘Tracks’ which I am shooting next week on the West coast of Scotland. We are delighted to have cast Gordon Brown (‘Only God Forgives’) and John Bell (‘The Hobbit’).