Writer-Director: Lewis Metcalfe
Producer: Lauren Tomlinson
DOP: Adrian Peckitt
Cast: Robert Emms, Jamie Shelton

Logline: Ahmed has been missing for days. Jamie and Daniel claim to know nothing, but the truth will out.

Produced by



I seem to find my inspirations from strong atmospheric stories. Shorts like ‘Field’ by Duane Hopkins and ‘Crossbow’ by David Michod; both have a very strong stylistic presence that, love or hate it, stays with you long after viewing. They have a sense of story and world that surpass the narrative we’re allowed to see, forcing the viewer to indulge further in the world created by the filmmakers. ‘Field’ was the first short I watched that had a meaningful affect on me. The dialogue was almost non-existent and yet it told a very powerful story of over-charged adolescent masculinity and regret. I could identify with it completely and it was a direct inspiration for my award-winning short ‘Fight’.

Having seen countless shorts that relied too heavily on a quirky twist or shorts that cram in feature length ideas, it was incredibly enlightening and was an education on decent filmmaking. ‘Crossbow’ is a major influence on my Collabor8e short ‘Irreversible’. It has a unique approach with voiceover and dabbles in themes in an almost throw-away manner, yet it somehow makes them all the more poignant. The team behind it, Blue Tongue Films, seem to lead the way with top quality shorts (‘Miracle Fish’ being another great one) and powerful low-budget features. David Michod’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ was their debut feature and they played it perfectly. The story and world fit within their budget so nothing looked cheap or compromised, enabling it to enjoy a cinematic release without looking out of place. This is exactly how I intend to approach my first feature as too often I see filmmakers stretch their small budget on a big concept, compromising all areas of their production – which ultimately undermines their story.

Collabor8te Filmmaker Interview: Lewis Metcalfe


Opening frames of 'Irreversible' as storyboarded by Kevin Harris

Supersoaker scene as storyboarded by Pauli Kangasniemi

































Lewis was born in Cheadle Humle, Cheshire, before moving to various locations around the UK to finally settle back in Stockport at the age of 12. His love for filmmaking started in his teens when he first got hold of a VHS camera from his local college, where he learnt the basics of the craft from dipping into various genres. Now, with a small handful of short film awards/festival selections, Lewis has discovered that fictional drama offers the most stimulating, rewarding and absorbing experience. He is attracted to the darker side of human nature – the chasm that all people have the potential to reach, but only a minority fall into. “What draws me is the concept of seeing someone do the unthinkable, whilst been able to identify a shred of yourself within them. It fascinates me and terrifies me on equal levels.”