The Hungry Corpse

Writer: James Pout
Director: Gergely Wootsch
Producer: Steve Smith

Logline: Animation in which a pigeon befriends a corpse in London’s Trafalgar Square.

Produced by

Collabor8te Filmmaker Interview: James Pout



The look of the film has always been quite clear in my mind – I want it to be dark, textured, hand drawn perhaps. It needs to feel old. The Collabor8te team share this opinion so we started looking at animators whose work echoed this.I came across Gergely Wootsch’s work through the RCA website and found a film on Gergely’s site that I particularly liked called ‘Ordaemonium’. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but there was an edge to it that resonated so we approached him and his producer Steve at Beakus (an animation studio). In our first meeting, Jess and David Collabor8te Execs for Rankin Film Productions) and I outlined the style we had in mind. We also asked a lot of questions since we were all new to animation. Gergely and Steve had the answers and they also asked me a lot of questions about the story in return, which I took as a good sign! In a subsequent meeting, with Gergely attached, we dug deeper into the script and devised a way of compressing more story aspects into it without making it significantly longer. He got me thinking about the story again and this led to some more fine-tuning of the script. I think we’ve made it better.Since then, we have been concentrating on design and casting. The former involved Gergely taking a few weeks to come up with some preliminary material that he would then send to the RFP team and myself. This period of waiting was an exciting one – we had given Gergely a vague outline of what we were after but essentially had no idea what he would produce. This was important though – being new to animation I was reluctant to give too much direction because it’s not what I do. Also, it was important that Gergely imprint his own vision on the world/ characters. He did. I – we – felt that Gergely really captured the world I was trying to express in the script and, after we made a couple of suggestions, we ‘locked’ a corpse that we are very happy with. As for casting, we (Dave and Jess from RFP, Gergely, Steve, myself as well as Amy, our casting director) are working from a list of actors for the two speaking parts. We all have a pretty clear idea of exactly what we want and are hoping to fill both roles and then record over the next few weeks. In the meantime, Gergely is working on an animatic. This will give us a firmer idea about the set up of every scene as well as the length of the film. IMAGE GALLERYInitial artwork for The Hungry Corpse

Below: Joe (sound designer) Gergely (animator), and James (writer) set about creating guide voice tracks for The Hungry Corpse.














The Hungry Corpse is my first screenplay to go into production. Over the last few months while ‘collabor8ting’ with the director, Gergely Wootsch and the rest of the team on the film, I have also been developing two feature screenplays. My writing ‘officially’ began when I moved to Berlin in 2008/9 where I was accepted as a fellow on the Nipkow Programme, a MEDIA-funded organization that provides professional and financial support to filmmakers in the EU. It was through them that I wrote my first feature screenplay.

My day job - to support my writing - is at H2O Motion Pictures, working with Andras Hamori as an associate producer. H2O is a film production and sales company based in the UK, Canada and the US. We are currently in the process of putting together two feature films for production in early 2013.




I’m an animation director originally from Hungary living and working in London presently. I graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2011 with a short animated film titled This is Not Real. I particularly enjoy telling stories, as well as exploring the obscure.